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precon security GmbH –

Your security company for Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main area. 

precon security is synonymous with safety —in any situation, in the corporate and private sectors, day and night. Whether in Frankfurt or in the Rhine-Main area, in the whole of Germany, Europe or overseas. 

We offer a range of professional services to protect you from damage and ensure your security: from personal protection to guarding services for private homes and companies. From event security and access control through to investigative work and reception services for banks, offices, hospitals and production facilities. 

The company was founded in 1999 in Offenbach near Frankfurt and has since developed a strong reputation and leading position in the German security market. We now remain owner-managed, while expanding our security services across the globe. 

We also place a premium on progress, with training and cutting-edge technology continually adding to our expertise.

precon security — a strong team, dedicated to your security. 

precon security GmbH draws on a powerful team of experts from well-trained security forces — carefully selecting the right people for every operation.

All of our employees and partners are trained security experts, as per the German Security Guarding Act. Each one has been tested on complex assignments and is prepared to take on sensitive tasks, and the majority also have weapons training. All regulatory standards are met. We as a security service place particular emphasis on psychological resilience, a neat appearance and good manners.

We thoroughly prepare and exactly agree the details of all assignments in advance. This allows us to offer comprehensive security with only minimal visual presence, if desired.

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