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Security Consulting —

We develop comprehensive security plans 

Security Consulting – Comprehensive consulting is the professional foundation of all security services provided by precon security GmbH. 

Before commencing any assignment, we conduct a thorough security analysis to identify any risks and vulnerabilities. In addition, we collect all of your individual wishes and requirements. 

We use this information to compile a customised security plan, specifying the most effective and realistic measures to avoid the risks and eliminate the vulnerabilities. We strive to develop a balanced package of security, organisational and personnel measures. We then ensure that you’re in agreement with every detail of this plan. 

When the security plan fully meets your expectations and our security requirements, we begin our real task: the protection of people and assets. Our measures increase the security level in a sustainable and effective way — both for people and for your company or property. 

We can also offer advice on burglary protection, video surveillance, access control, panic rooms and other technical and personnel security measures for offices, public or industrial facilities, private homes, yachts and holiday residences.