Discreet protection.

For you and those that

are important to you.

Personal security — in Frankfurt and worldwide. We are the specialists.


We have been commissioned to ensure the long-term personal security of private persons and public figures for many years — and take this as a strong vote of confidence in our security services. Our clients trust in our many years of expertise, especially in the sensitive and very private area of security.  

Security levels are agreed upon in advance

A variety of different security levels can be appropriate for personal protection assignments. We always begin with a comprehensive security analysis to uncover specific vulnerabilities and risks.

From here, we set out the goal and required protective measures in close co-operation with the client, before finally establishing an effective and comprehensive security plan. 

Our special training and many years of experience enable us to provide very effective yet inconspicuous personal protection for people who are being threatened or are exposed to constant danger. In their role as a security escort, our personal security staff reliably prevent any attacks and threats to the life of the person they are protecting and contribute to that person’s freedom of action and movement. 

We carefully ensure that our customised personal protection measures are designed to minimise the impact on both the protected person’s own freedom of movement and that of their private or business environment.

You can rely on us in every respect

We escort you in your everyday life as well as on trips around the world, ensuring the highest possible level of security.

On request, we take over your travel management with regard to the security aspect of personal protection. We are also available to answer any questions you may have concerning medical emergency management.