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Effective building security —

Our security service for the Frankfurt area


Burglary, theft and vandalism usually result in great expense, time and effort as well as a lot of bother for property owners. Our professional building security service enables owners of private or commercial properties to prevent potential damage very effectively.

Building security is a deterrent

The regular presence of our trained security personnel alone has a deterrent effect on criminals. We counteract any attempted burglary with specifically scheduled patrols or continuous on-site support and immediate intervention in the event of an incident. Our building security measures minimise the risk of damage to your property. In case of an emergency, we intervene quickly and efficiently and immediately alert the responsible authorities.

In addition to continuous on-site support and connection of the alarm system to the emergency call centre, our security service offers surveillance and patrol services. Whether motorised or on foot — quick intervention in dangerous situations ensures greater security, compliance with mandatory quiet hours and protection against vandalism.

Security for vacant private homes

If required, we ensure that nobody enters your home or property illegally while you are on holiday or absent for a longer period of time. Appropriate building security measures credibly create the impression that the property is occupied, which is an effective deterrent for potential burglars.

Customised security plans

Depending on the assessment of the high risk situation, our security service provides building security measures in Frankfurt and the surrounding area, which can be implemented at regular or irregular intervals. In particular security-sensitive areas are vigilantly and thoroughly patrolled by our security service personnel.

We offer discreet access controls, regular patrols, surveillance services and physical protection for commercial and industrial areas, residential estates of all sizes, and diplomatic and trade fair sites.

Our building security service for Frankfurt and the surrounding area includes the following:

  • Guarding of private homes and companies
  • Guarding and surveillance of grounds
  • Key service
  • Monitoring of vehicles entering and exiting the premises
  • Monitoring of facilities/buildings prior to opening
  • Access control for contractors and goods deliveries
  • Patrols
  • Fire protection and disaster control
  • Alarm follow-up

There are many types of effective building security measures, including cutting-edge security technology. Whatever the case may be, we are guided by your requirements and expectations. We provide professional advice and you decide whether you want us to keep your property under surveillance on an hourly, daily, weekly or continuous basis (24/7). Our team can be uniformed, armed and/or supplemented by guard dogs as per your individual needs.

All you need to do is ask — and we’ll be happy to put together a customised, economical protection plan.

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