Reliable investigations.

For private individuals, retailers

and industry.

Investigations in Frankfurt — experienced investigators for undercover operations

Investigations Frankfurt– For private individuals, we can help with marriage problems, neighbourhood conflicts and other difficulties. We can also assist with video surveillance.

For retailers in the Frankfurt area, we offer concealed, plainclothes monitoring of the sales floor to significantly reduce the rate of shoplifting. Our private investigators carry out identity checks on your behalf and investigate embezzlement.

A doorman can be provided to further increase security while also giving your customers a friendly welcome.

Our company is particularly skilled in criminal act and damage investigations. We can carry out personal surveillance for suspected breaches of contract in the case of illness, and can similarly deal with sabotage incidents and help to reduce theft rates.

All investigative activities will be conducted with the upmost discretion, and if successful, will provide you with the conclusive evidence that you need.

Our investigative services include the following:

  • Employee monitoring
  • Detection of undeclared work and embezzlement
  • Concealed video surveillance
  • Infringement of competition
  • Securing of vehicles/property
  • Debtor identification, mystery shoplifting
  • Investigation of damage to property
  • Maintenance and custody matters
  • Address enquiry
  • Theft and fraud detection
  • Serial bad tenants and neighbourhood disputes